Specialist Services

Here at MW&J Services Ltd we have a team of specialists that can undertake various works. Listed below is some of the specialist work that we can undertake.

We can build, repair and maintain all types of roof from tiled right the way through to products like aspfalt and rubber  EPDM
– Concrete repairs
– Stone masanary
– Brick and block work to heritage buildings also conventional
– Electrical installations
– Plumbing and gas works
– High level access equipment
– Buisness recovery from fire and flood damage
– Rubbish clearance
– Metal fabrication
– Carpentry

Drone Aerial Survey

Close range, low altitude unmanned Drone / UAV remote aerial inspection is available as a powerful cost effective safe alternative to risking the crew of a manned helicopter in some tight or other wise risky locations. Our mini flying drone is capable of capturing high resolution digital images feet away from the problem getting clients a close up view of the damage allowing a more accurate basement with out the risk of human life and is a powerful tool as as an alternative to a helicopter.

– Crane inspection
– Smoke stack inspection
– Power line aerial inspection
– Pipe lines
– Wind farm / Windmill aerial inspection
– Roof top damage inspection
– Solar panel inspection
– Refinery flare tip inspection
– Bridge aerial inspection
– Search and rescue
– Insurance companies to inspect damage
– Any application requiring aerial video or still photography via remote drone